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What’s new in .NET Standard 2.0

This release of .NET Standard now supports around 33K APIs, compare to 14K APIs supported by .NET Standard 1.x. The good thing is that majority of the APIs are from .NET Framework. This makes life easy to port code to .NET Standards. Below image gives you a summary of .NET Framework APIs which are now included in .NET Standard 2.0.

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Visual Studio 15 (2017) will let developers install only the components they need

  1. Universal Windows Platform development
  2. Web development (incl. ASP.NET, TypeScript, Azure tooling)
  3. Windows desktop app development with C++
  4. Cross-platform mobile development with .NET (incl. Xamarin)
  5. .NET desktop application development
  6. Linux and IoT development with C++
  7. Cross-platform mobile development with Cordova
  8. Mobile app development with C++ (incl. Android, iOS)
  9. Office / SharePoint add-in development
  10. Python web development (incl. Django and Flask support)
  11. Data science and analytical applications (incl. R, F#, Python)
  12. Node.js development
  13. Cross-platform game development (incl. Unity)
  14. Native Windows game development (incl. DirectX)
  15. Data storage and processing (incl. SQL, Hadoop, Azure ML)
  16. Azure cloud services development and management
  17. Visual Studio extension development